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SkyAzúl was founded in 2002 by Brian Considine, former Product Manager for PAT
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The Greer Company HDR 330 hoist drum rotation indicator.
Greer HRD 330 Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator Kit

HDR 330 Drum Rotation Indicator by Greer Company

Greer CompayU.S. crane manufacturers put their trust in Greer Company for the industry’s most reliable crane monitoring systems. It’s a decision they take seriously—and so do we For more than 35 years Greer Company has staked its reputation on product quality and accuracy.

The Greer Company HDR 330 monitors the hoist drum rotation and continuously allows the operator to "feel" direct drum response to control lever operation. The unit is bi-directional and extremely precise. The system requires very little installation time, and contains few moving parts, allowing long and reliable operation.

Greer HDR 330 System Features and Benefits

  • Bidirectional, speed sensitive
  • Extremely precise
  • Requires little installation time
  • Long and reliable operation
  • Provides continuous tactile feedback to operator
  • Fine control in demanding environments
  • Minimizes equipment "down time"
  • Offers lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)



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Greer Drum Rotation Indicator Manual by Skyazul

HDR 330

Installation Manual download